Tuesday, July 13, 2010

random(old) pictures

playing with my new camera
baking snickerdoodles

josh and i put on washable tatoos

in the car with eliza

i love harry potter too!!!

cute pictures

just back from florida

eating sand?? at the beach boogie boarding was really fun!!!

goin for a ride with uncle Keyan
by the beautiful Florida beach

taking pictures (this was for Fearless)

what am i doin??? well we're at the beach at night

.yesterday i got back from Florida. i was there for 3 weeks! it was really fun!!! i went to girls camp with Mara.it was pretty fun except for the 6 hours of book of Mormon reading per day. after that we went jet-skiing, watched toy story 3, and drove back to Texas

my sleepover (good bye party)

rylee, rachel c, and amy on the swingset
Camille signing T-shirts


Rylee, KC, Amy, Maddie, Rachel C, ME

me and amy with our crazy makeovers!!!!

random pics

CRAZY makeovers at my sleepover dad in Haiti

grandma linda came to one of my baseball games

jet-skiing in florida

isaac and natalie at mormon prom

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

in yosemite, i brought over some mistletoe nto feed the deer. they liked it, and one came really close!

car trip to socal

it was a long car trip to disneyland and yosemite, so i was taking pictures.
mom reading in the car. i get carsick:(